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Calip3R is a digital measuring tool that provides highly accurate measurements of 3D Replication of the Real World.

Calip3R is a full suite of analytics software which includes a standard library of measurement tools, predictive analysis capabilities and deep learning.

Calip3R is extensible across many industries including telecommunications, oil & gas, construction, utility asset management and insurance assessment.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • High definition virtual infrastructure mappings

  • 3D modeling and visualization

  • Measurement up to 1/32 of an inch accuracy

  • Exact Azimuth Angle Measurement

  • 3D navigation via point cloud viewer that provides index to all infrastructure components

    • Quickly locate and measure all infrastructure components

    • Photo manager that presents the image for measurement

    • Individual image step through in time & space

    • Graphical "Pyramids" showing 3D camera position

    • Component Selection and Isolation

  • A full suite of templates depicting the standard sizes of common infrastructure components projected into true perspective for measurement validation.

  • Exploiting the capability of Flash LiDAR for variety of end user demands

  • Advanced reporting and integration with EAM

  • Business critical information analysis

  • Workflow specific interactive modeling

  • Photo Studio

  • 4K 16-bit raw image support

  • Measurement archiving