BrashTech is an aerial data capture, visualisation and analytics service delivering critical business information through intelligent 3D models to Asset Managers.

Continental’s Atlas Merlin is designed to be easily installed onto most commercial drone platforms as an integrated unit and is a perfect data collection tool for applications where extremely accurate real time color 3D models are desired.

Data captured by the Atlas Merlin camera is fused, processed and automatically uploaded in real time from the high end onboard computer into our Cloud Service and then made available anywhere online through our Analytics Engine for immediate visualisation, interpretation or integration with Enterprise Applications. 

Serving our clients an exact 3D world populated with asset information enhances productivity and leads to better, faster organizational decisions. We created our 3D asset management service to deliver on that objective.

The advantages of displaying data in 3D are numerous. Whether it’s  conducting a survey of currently installed devices and availability for sales to sell new spaces, checking for discrepancies like rust, cracks, corrosion, missing bolts and bent members or simply recording heights, azimuths, angles, tilts, equipment types and measurements - an accurate color 3D model is an ideal index for all this information on an individual asset.

Sharing asset data with stakeholders inside and outside the business also just became simple. No longer reliant on specialist software held only by the few. The Analytics Engine unlocks asset data so the whole business can benefit from improved collaboration and workplace efficiencies.

Key benefits

  • Precise 3D representation of your asset

  • Understand the context and relationship between asset components

  • Improved decision making through easy access to data

  • Collaborate, share network insight easily

  • Open format system works with any spatial data

Analytics solutions

Accelerate digital transformation with business analytics solutions and embedded machine learning from the Analytics Engine  that can help you gain fast and accurate insights across your business and implement new processes and applications based on those insights.