Reinventing Tower Operations, Engineering & Construction

Telecommunication towers play a critical role in supporting the communications industry. With tens of thousands of assets per country, it is difficult to track what is on each tower, the condition of the infrastructure, and if the available records accurately align with reality.

A digital replication of every tower, associated compound and access road stored in 3D as the “configuration of record” could serve as the baseline for change detection and could serve as the means for accepting all work completed on site.

A new paradigm where every contractor and tower company employee captures 3D information in real time will simplify the management of tower and tower site configurations. No longer would it be necessary to manually maintain and update CAD. No longer would manual effort be required to take photographs and laboriously upload them into systems to accept the work of the contractor. No longer would any carrier interested in co-locating or upgrading their equipment need to refer to a CAD drawing and multiple photos in a file folder to determine the availability of space on the tower or in the compound. No longer would site visits be required to confirm staging areas for materials or equipment, or proximity to rights of ways and easements. Every site visit made today for planning, scoping or preparation could be replaced by the use of remote 3D visualization in the office.

Significant enhancements in four key areas could be realized with the integration of HFL 3D Global Shutter™ into tower operational workflows.

1) Construction managers remotely inspecting contractors’ work in real time while the contractor remains onsite.

2) As-built tower steel mappings at an accuracy of 2 mm would enable significant improvement to modification design and implementation quality, cost and cycle times.

3) As-built antenna and coax loading (in lieu of manually constructed models) would enable more efficient use of a tower’s structural capacity.

4) Auto generation of trouble tickets for tower and site maintenance via Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Machine Learning.