Data Capture & Fusion

Continental’s Atlas Merlin is the Future of Machine Vision


Technical Information

  • Continental G6A1 Flash LiDAR Camera

  • Point Grey Optical Camera 8.9MP

  • Quad Core i7 Processor

  • 1TB SSD

  • XSENS MTi100 IMU

  • Real Time Synchronization and fusing

  • RTK Accuracy

  • Weight 2.3kg

  • 802.11ac Real Time Ground Link

Benefits & Features

  • Designed by BrashTech

  • Manufactured by Continental AG

  • Aerospace Technology

  • Accurate 1/32”

  • Real-time

  • No Post-processing

  • Weather Proof

  • Light Weight

  • Standardized Gimbal Mounting

  • Compatible with Most Commercial Drones


Continental’s High-Resolution Flash LIDAR with 3D Global Shutter™  called ATLAS MERLIN is the key technology used to create geo-registered 2D and 3D fused data in real time. The Atlas Merlin is easily mounted on most commercial drones.

This 3D Flash LIDAR technology enables a broad range of UAV applications such as Engineering-grade Measurement Services and Precision Infrastructure Inspection.

The Atlas Merlin is a  Precision Inspection Platform outputting precise geo-registered 2D & 3D data that is fused on-the-fly into colorized 3D models.  By combining multiple frames of data from different points of view, this same data stream can be rendered into 3D models and maps.

Continental’s Flash LIDAR 3D Global Shutter™ is the core technology that enables the capture of undistorted 3D data of the environment in an instant with each frame of data. This means that efficient synchronization, fusion and processing is possible.

Using a Continental HFL 3D Global Shutter™ camera significantly reduces or eliminates costly interpolation or other types of processing (saving power, heat, weight and time).  

This unique capability enables the “Future of Machine Vision”.