Frequently asked questions


1) What gimbal are you using?

We are using a DJI Ronin-MX gimbal, we support other gimbals with comparable specs (eg from Gremsy etc).  For precision and repeatability we recommend models that can be controlled over a link by onboard software (manual remote operators can take over at any time).

2) What is your power source? External Battery?

We use drones' onboard power supply, whether that is based on batteries, extended duration hydrogen fuel cell, indefinite endurance tether line, etc.

3) How is the unit controlled?

We use an embedded controller onboard to manage the real-time sensor fusion, data recording, live view to the ground station and prioritized data upload to FlashCloud.  For precision and repeatability the controller can also control the flight of the drone and gimbal for automated flights, following a scripted flight path with RTK precision navigation.

4) How much does the entire sensor package weigh with gimbal?

Depending on the model of gimbal used the total weight including gimbal is about 3-4kg.

5) When is unit available?

Q4 2017